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The International Quantitative Imaging Cytometry Centers of Excellence (iQIC) program provides an educational resource for scientists using laser-scanning cytometry in cell- and tissue-based research, offering training programs and symposia to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations employing quantitative imaging cytometry. Located at the National University of Singapore, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and Children’s Hospital Boston, the Centers offer an annual International Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts as well as regional lectures and training programs focusing on new QIC techniques, at selected locations throughout the year. The QIC Centers operate under the guidance of advisory committees, with support from CompuCyte Corporation.


2011 iQIC Symposium - Boston


The establishment of the QIC Center at Children’s Hospital Boston is the outgrowth of productive collaborations between research teams in the Longwood Medical Area and CompuCyte Corporation. We anticipate that the QIC Center, and the annual symposium in particular, will foster cross-disciplinary collaborations employing quantitative image cytometry in a multiplicity of cancer and stem cell research programs.


Dr. Leslie Silberstein,  Director   Joint Program in Transfusion Medicine and Center for Human Cell Therapy Children's Hospital Boston


We expect that the Center will help educate cell and molecular biology researchers on the important role that Quantitative Imaging Cytometry can play in biomedical research. The ability to obtain detailed quantitative data from biologic specimens, and at the same time visually examine specimen morphology, provides researchers with a major tool for advancing our understanding of the molecular basis of disease and identifying novel disease signatures which could be potential diagnostic markers or targets for drug design.

 Shazib Pervaiz, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Department of Physiology                           Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine             Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering National University of Singapore

Quantitative Imaging Cytometry is an emerging area with extraordinary potential for cancer research. As an NCI-designated Cancer Center, CSHL strives to provide its researchers with the latest technologies to facilitate their work. CSHL’s partnership [in the Regional QIC Center] gives our scientists full advantage of the power of this technology and will allow them to develop new applications for its use.

Nicholas Tonks, Ph.D., FRS           Director Of Shared  Resources             CSHL Cancer Center                                Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY


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